Bonk is a clothing label dedicated to making lifestyle & training apparel for athletes.

Bonk was founded by Charlie Evans, whose love of endurance sports inspired him to launch a clothing brand dedicated to a fitness lifestyle.


Launched in true grass roots fashion Bonk pitched up at local events in the South East of England with a small range of T-shirts that paid tribute to this way of life.

Since those humble beginnings the brand has gone on to deliver successful collections, initially with lifestyle apparel and latterly with the additions of technical training wear.

Bonk’s future plans involve developing and evolving their technical performance apparel, whilst also continuing to build on the success of their hugely popular lifestyle wear.

Underpinning the whole brand ethos is their mantra ‘Live to train’, training is the very heartbeat of the brand, although according to their founder:

‘some days it can be more a case of ‘train to live’, but whatever the weather training is like our daily bread, we thrive on it, we need it.

We also enjoy the camaraderie and lifestyle of being an athlete. We are a clothing label that aspires to be different, focused on bringing new energy into the world endurance sport and fitness, combining fresh, sharp design with a fun and relaxed take on things.

We take our sport much more seriously than we take ourselves – as our name suggests.’

Bonk is the jargon term used by endurance athletes to describe a condition when the glycogen stores in the liver and muscles are depleted, resulting in a major performance drop. To bonk halfway through the race is much like hitting the wall in a marathon.

Charlie Evans

Bonk was founded by Charlie Evans, who has been on his own voyage of discovery since finding the sport of Triathlon in 2008.

“A few years ago, I was more likely to be found perspiring inside a packed out nightclub than racking my bike in transition ready for a race at 7am on a Sunday morning. Then in 2007, a couple of mates and I challenged each other to race the London Triathlon 2008 while having a drink in the pub. The training may not have come straight out of a handbook, but it had some structure and was enjoyable – even to someone like me who wasn’t known for a love of the gym at the time!

Ldn TRi

In fact prior to this challenge, the only lifestyle I embraced was that of the London ‘party’ circuit. But the more I trained, the more I began to see and feel the benefits of improved fitness, health and well-being. One month prior to London, the three of us converged on an event in Upton-upon-Severn in Worcestershire to get some experience before the big race.

Despite the horrendous near drowning experience of that first open water swim, with the complete disorientation and washing-machine effect, some of the slowest transitioning in history, cramping and a stitch on the run, I was hooked from the euphoric moment I crossed the finishing line. The one thing I was not happy about was coming third to my friends.

I trained even harder for the next couple of weeks focusing particularly on the run, and one month later the tables were turned at the London Triathlon, when I led all the way from the swim to come home first in our ‘race within the race.’ Who cares that our times were not exactly impressive? Inspired by our new found love of racing, we had found a whole new way of living.’’



Bonk is a brand whose roots will always lie firmly in Triathlon; the sport of swim, bike, run was the birthplace of the brand, and the dashed underline of our logo signifies the relevant distances of the three disciplines.

But really the brand is about unifying people with a passion for fitness, who like to have fun – whatever the sport and want to pay tribute to this through the clothes on their back.

Since the inception of the brand we’ve met tons of amazing people who have achieved incredible things, as we move forward we hope our passion for an athletic lifestyle will be expressed with of our thoughts, feelings, ideas and into the evolution and development of new designs, apparel and products to enhance all that we do.

This is not just sport, it’s a way of life.